We built
AR experiences

We built cool and creative webAR (no app required), appAR & social experiences. 

No app required

Our webAR projects allow users to dive in the AR experience without having to download an app by just opening your camera on your device.


To get a better experience we have also developed our own app on Unity to offer you endless opportunities. Let’s get started.


Social media AR is also an important part of your marketing campaign and requires a different approach and technology. We got you covered.

Our Story

We are a creative agency that creates webAR, appAR & social media augmented experiences. Our parent company FoxWebpages.com, a digital marketing agency, has been helping businesses with their digital needs since 2010. From 2016 we have been working in the AR world and today we have created a new devision within the company called ARTY.

With ARTY we are not only working on webAR but also created our own app with more possibilities to showcase your AR elements and be able to share them on social media channels. The app has similar functionalists as Instagram and Snapchat and houses your effects on a single portfolio page. Now available for iOS and Android.


Endless possibilities. You dream it, we create it.

How can you use AR?

Well sky is the limit and you can use AR in many parts of your business. You can help it to show case your products or engage your customers with an immersive augmented world. 

Whether you are a corporation, a small business, agency, or individual we are happy to work with you and create a cool and amazing experience. 

Bring your Print Material to Life

Bring your static print material to life and make them more engaging and innovative by connecting them with an amazing AR experience that engages with your customers. 

Packaging and Product Labels

Your product packaging or labels allow you tell a better story. Combined with AR and image tracking technology you can immerse your clients in a whole new world. Let us work on your campaign. 

Social Augmented Reality

In 2019 Facebook and Instagram reported that their users had 1 billion AR experiences on their platforms. We can create filters and other social augmented reality effects. 

3D eCommerce Strategy

Your products in 3D with the help or AR technology.
We can now empowers brands and retailers to create 3D & AR commerce experiences. Gartner says 100 Million consumers will shop in augmented reality online by 2020. 

Let's Talk Numbers

Boost Sales
0 %

A Product Configurator and AR integration for Furniture could  Boosts Sales by 50%

Would Pay More
0 %

40% of consumers say they would pay more for a product that they could customize in AR.

Prefer AR Experiences
0 %

61% of consumers say they prefer retailers with AR experiences.

of Shoppers use AR
0 %
32% of consumers have used AR during their online shopping in 2020
AR Uses
0 Mio
83.1M of consumers in the US used AR monthly in 2020.

Get Analytics

You need to be able to measure your campaigns successes. With our tools we can provide you the analytics for your AR experiences. Our reports will show you the performance metrics you need on all of your campaigns.

Know what works

The analytics will help you identify what performs well and what doesn’t by comparing different CTA, assets and campaigns, driving improvements and innovation.

Know your customers

Powerful insights on your customers, from what time of day they’re interacting with your AR experiences, demographics to which category or features they prefer - all in real-time.

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